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Land Maintenance by the Yard began in 1994 with one man, hard on his luck, a few hand tools, and a weed eater that did not run. Patrick Wilcox had conviction and after a neighbor extended a hand and helped by taking payments on a truck, a new business was born. Determination and love for the work made the business grow with many repeat and happy customers. Presently hundreds of accounts find Land Maintenance by the Yard, a part of their extended family. With a fleet of 5 trucks and 7 employees, their focus is always on client satisfaction. Each customer receives the highest quality and treatment to their personal vision of how their yard should be and will continue to grow.






Patrick Wilcox
College courses including biology, botany, and horticultural courses.
Arizona Master Gardener
Over 20 years in the landscape profession.
Extensive knowledge of plants, irrigation, and soil science.
Interests:  Ballroom dancing.



Jon Kellerman
Bachelors in science and business administration w/ certificate in human resources (NAU 2010)
Has worked in land maintenance for 10 years
Extensive knowledge base on irrigation and native plants.
Interests include Kayaking, Hockey, Frisbee golf.






Landscape Account Manager. International relations and business college degree.
Experience: Landscaping experience 5 years Expertise: Tree pruning, Firewise pruning, paver and brick work.





Elliot Logan
Prescott born and raised.
Certified Wildland firefighter  s/130 - s/190 l/180
Landscaping 8 years, 7 years in Prescott and
1 year in Durango CO.
8 years experience in outdoor creations, landscaping and study.
Interests:  Rock climbing, hiking, Mt.